Game of the Night

Vancouver Whitecaps v. Toronto FC @ Empire Stadium
4-2 FT

After many long awaited years, the Whitecaps finally get their debut in the MLS.  And today, history was made.  For the first time in MLS and Canadian sports history, an all-Canadian match-up was played: Vancouver versus Toronto.  Although this is the first time they face each other in the MLS, this isn't the first time they've played each other.

What other historics will be created today?

The air was electric even before the kick-off!  Booming drums, booming voices, thunderous cheers, and the Southsiders playing true to their dedication were just the tip of the caps to describe how the temporary field was like.  Let me just say, I'm proud to say that this is my club.

Just to show how we belong in the MLS, Eric Hassli scores the club's first MLS goal at 15'.  The pride the Vancouver fans took radiated as Hassli's celebration took place.  Ponchos (it was raining earlier) rained down on the pitch.  Like the loud chanting from the Southsiders weren't loud enoguh, eh?  But Dwayne de Rosario makes it level at the 5' with a goal from his perfect distance and gets the 8,000th goal in the MLS. 

Not taking 'no' as an answer, Terry Dunfield got a cute little pass from Davide Chiumiento and scored the go-ahead goal at 26' in front of not only fans, but his family and his hometown crowd!  How important was this goal for him?  Just take a look at his celebration.  Dunfield jumped into the crowd where he was well-received by many pat on the backs and hugs against the railing and consequently got a yellow for it.  Hey, you don't score your first MLS goal in front of your hometown often.

From the 35' to the 36' the "White-Caps" cheer was going strong.  It was loud at Swan Guard Stadium, but at Empire Stadium, it's deafening!  I think we were more than prepared for this debut.

In the second-half the game did calm down, but that didn't mean anything was less eventful.  Vancouver was awarded a corner which Russell Teibert took.  A good corner taken flew into the box but ended up taking a bounce off of a TFC player.  It may not have been perfect, but it wasn't going to stop the Whitecaps.  Atiba Harris got his left boot on the ball before it went soaring into the back of the Toronto net at 63..

The fourth goal was uncontested!  Stated on-side by the linesman, Harris sent Wes Knight into the attacking zone.  Instead of taking the goal for himself though, the defender passed the ball to Hassli for his second goal of the night!  Great team effort from the boys in white!  72' was just a simple time for Hassli to score (after making that long run from wherever he was on the pitch).  Three minutes after the fourth Vancouver goal, Maicon Santos of TFC cut the lead in half with a swift kick, but that didn't do much harm as Vancouver went on to win it!

And this is all I have to say to Toronto:  "Na na na na.  Na na na na.  Hey~ey!  Good bye!"

Man of the Match: Eric Hassli


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