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This has nothing to do with sports politics (even though that's probably more riveting to some than common politics). This is about sports - specifically hockey - and Canadian politics.

No, I don't think Harper or any other party leader is planning to go into hockey or take over hockey.

If you are not aware, the Canadian Federal Election is coming up (May 2nd to be specific). By the time election comes around, we will be in the thick of the NHL post-season.

So what's the problem? Which will have to take a backseat - hockey or elections?

The problem with this is that these two events - these two events that pretty much make up Canada and has preoccupied us Canadians for the longest of time - are going on at the same time! CBC knows what I'm talking about!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the one TV and radio station that all Canadians tune into for everything! When I say everything, it gives you everything. You get politics, news, sports (Hockey Night In Canada ring a bell?) entertaining TV shows, children programming; pretty much everything a TV station needs, and it's all Canadian. For decades CBC has been the station that everyone has tuned into every Saturday for HNIC and every federal election, viewers across the nation glue their eyes to watch the numbers fluctuate.

For decades CBC has also been the home of NHL hockey during the pre-season, regular season, and post-season. CBC has played every round and nearly every game of the Stanley Cup playoffs since I can remember. So what will happen when the elections are occurring during a playoff game?

No one knows yet, truth be told. If what you were looking for was an answer, look elsewhere. Here is what I think should be done to accommodate us Canadians.

The NHL and the Stanley Cup playoffs should stop for one day. I know, I sound a little crazy, but it is completely logical and reasonable! In the eyes of a business(wo)man, which would you rather: extend the playoffs an extra day or lose 80% of your viewing audience to the elections because I think CBC will chose to air the elections than the playoffs, no matter how much Canadians love hockey. Heck, I'd miss the playoffs to watch the elections!

In seeing that a good portion of the NHL (players, coaches, executives, etc.) is composed of Canadian citizens, they should have the time to vote and not worry too much about another thing at the same time (unless they do the advance polling [I don't know if that's available outside of Canada]). Also, the country of Canada makes up a majority of the viewing audience and revenue!

Seriously though, one day is not going to kill the NHL and I think politics are more important than sports in this case. I know if I had to choose, I'd pick politics (but if I could find hockey, I'd go back-and-forth between the two).

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