Playoff Game of the YEAR

2011 Stanley Cup Finals
Game 7: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks @ Rogers Arena
4-0 Final; Boston wins the series 4-3

After six games, twenty-seven goals, and a whole bunch of adversaries getting knocked out, we are down to the final game of the 2011 NHL playoffs. Days like this is what dreams are made of. Games like this are what these players have played and trained for their entire lives. Tonight, one team will get to live the dreams of players past, present, and future. Tonight, one team will hoist the Stanley Cup!

Looking a lot more comfortable on home ice, the Canucks might have started off in their own end, but the dominance they had when they held the puck was exhilarating! But the first shot only came for the Canucks nearly two minutes into the game. Vancouver was not without pressure against them as the Bruins came back with some energy and chances of their own. People with heart conditions should not be watching this game.

Despite all the dominance that the Canucks displayed, Patrice Bergeron put the Bruins up front 1-0 14:37 into the first period. Bergeron released his snap-shot eighteen feet in front of the net, beating Roberto Luongo for the first goal of the game and his first goal of the series.

In the second period, Brad Marchand did it again. Thinking twice about shooting, Marchand ended up going around the back of the net for a wrap-around and tucked the puck into the net against a diving Luongo.

When things looked set to be in the Canucks' favour, Bergeron had something to say about that. On the penalty-kill, Bergeron picked up the puck from Dennis Seidenberg and tucked in a short-handed goal whilst being tugged down by Christian Ehrhoff. The drama of Game 7 continued.

Add in the Canucks running out of energy and an empty-netter (thanks to Marchand) and we've got ourselves a game for Boston.

Good luck trying to get out of Vancouver alive Bruins.

If you want to rag on the Bruins, comment below. If you love the Canucks still, wear your love on your sleeve. Bandwagon jumpers - GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

3 stars:
(1) Tim Thomas
(2) Patrice Bergeron
(3) Brad Marchand


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