A Mogul on the Moguls

 Sochi 2014 OIympic Winter Games
Freestyle Skiing
Men's Moguls Event 

Alexandre Bilodeau has done it again! Canada has done it again! Bilodeau has done it for Canada again!

This year's moguls even was different from the previous Olympics'. As the skiers continued run after run, powder continued to place and displace itself on the hills of the moguls event. This made it harder for each skier going down each time. As the event continued, you could see the freestylers getting caught on the hills because of the powder and losing control a bit.

But the Canadians stayed in there. All four of the participating Canadians in this event made it to second final, and three continued into the third final!

After some rocky snatches and bobbles leading up to the final run, all was forgotten when Bilodeau made his final run down the hill. With his brother, his biggest fan and his biggest inspiration, in the stands, Bilodeau had to make this one the best. Coming down the hill from the previous runs, he finished with a non-happy look on his face. It's hard to be perfect, but Bilodeau did not reach his own expectations for himself. But in this final run, you could not deny the biggest smile on the mountain. The only other smile to beat that, that Bilodeau flashed at the end of his run, was the gigantic smile that he and his brother shared after they found each other after the announcement of him winning the gold.

And it was an amazing final run! The speed, the finesse, and the control Bilodeau displayed in his turns and jumps was brilliant! Got my adrenaline going and I'm twelve timezones away! The moment he made his first jump you could feel that it was going to be a medal-winning run. And if you were ever the optimist and excited Canadian, you were feeling the gold! And it was! Bilodeau put himself in first place with two skiers left - two fellow Canadians Marc-Antoine Gagnon and Mikael Kingsbury. Now neither of the two brought the same excitement as Bilodeau did, but boy was I still excited to see them go down, and I was chanting for all three to land on the podium.

Gagnon, the first to skate of the two skied not so perfectly and you could tell by his face at the end of his run that he wasn't content with the run. But it did enough for him to land in the third spot with Kingsbury left to go. Kingsbury with adrenaline pumping through him for his last run, completed the hill not flawlessly, but with incredible jumps and only little glitch in the middle of the hill. But the glitch wasn't going to stop him from taking second place, bumping the Russian mogul runner Alexandr Smyshlyaev down to third, and consequently bumping his fellow Canadian down to fourth and off the podium.

Other than now being on top of the medal podium with three gold, three silver, and one bronze medal, Alexandre Bilodeau becomes the first person to win the Olympic gold back-to-back in the mogul event! Congratulations to Kingsbury to stand at the podium too!

Keep on inspiring Canadians, Bilodeau! You deserve it!


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