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Because we all love the Canadian stereotype, here's a little story for you guys: during the men's cross-country event earlier today (or yesterday in Russia [and most other] time zones), Canadian coach, Justin Wadsworth, assisted Russian skier, Anton Gafarov, after he broke one of his skis. If you want more of this, if you google Wadsworth all the immediate links are of articles about this event.

  • If you're in Vancouver during the TED Conference (17 March - 21 March), you'll have the chance to see a 700-foot long aerial sculpture! The sculpture is by Boston artist, Janet Echelman, and it is brilliant. Click here for an article and a few pictures of her other aerial sculptures. Also, if you get the chance, donate to Echelman's and BAF (Burrard Arts Foundation) campaign to bring public art projects into Vancouver!
  • A little bit of celebrity gossip: lucky number 7, David Booth, of the Canucks has publicly announced his engagement to Miss Tennessee USA 2011, Ashley Elizabeth Durham. Congratulations to the couple!
  • Just a little heads up for everyone in the Vancouver Lower Mainland - this rain isn't just a one day thing! We have been issused a rainfall warning, so get your good rainboots on, your warm, water-resistant/proof jacket, possible your non-broken umbrella, and brush up on your umbrella etiquette! Seriously! As a person who walks on the streets and takes public transit, learn how to be polite with an umbrella!
  • I know the building needs it, but I am not too sure about needing $38.5 million. The Aquatic Centre in UBC will be getting a major reconstruction. Yes, the place is constantly being maintained, is old, and has had many mechanical breakdowns, but that's a big number they're shining there. And where is this money coming from? The majority ($27.5 million) will be dealth with by UBC's senior administration; the remaining $11 million (and whatever overruns may occur) will be coming from Athletics & Recreation donations.

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