Les nouvelles

  • Ellen Page (one of my favourite actresses of the modern era [I love her as a person, not as an actress. I mean, she's good, but she's a better person!]) has publicly come out of the closet! This lovable Canadian actress made the announcement at the Time to Thrive conference, which supports the LGBT youth community. Follow this link for the story.
  • The Vancouver International Dance Festival has announced its line-up for this year's season. There are paid and free events. Please try your best to make it to any of them! Support Vancouver's arts! Support dance! For more info, here's VIDF's website.
  • So in lieu of Valentine's Day, BC Children's Hospital did a little story about a heart surgery patient. That brave, little patient happens to be my nephew! That little guy is a champ and will be celebrating his birthday soon! If you want to know the story of his surgery and all that, click the link to read it. And while you're there, please donate to the BC Children's Hospital! You're not funding a big corporate kind of hospital. This children's hospital needs the money for better facilities and research and everything for the entire province of British Columbia! I have been raising money for the hospital for past 5-6 years, so please support the hospital and yours or other's children's health! The link.
  • Speaking of good deeds, this Vancouverite takes the 'neknomination' trend to a whole new - and better - level! I, for one, think that this is a stupid internet trend. I'm not saying that to be "cool" or whatever - this is my honest opinion. It's just truth-and-dare on video! If you want to do that stuff, go out with your buddies and dare them! But this guy gave neknominations a whole new meaning, and I think this is a turn for the better. The people he nominated better get on it and top him! LET'S GET THIS TREND GOING! START HASH-TAGGING #thenewnek!!! THIS IS THE BEST KIND OF TREND! Click the video up at the top of this page and better yourselves!

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