More Figure Skating For All!

 In this year's winter Olympic games, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) introduced several new events. One of them in my personal favourite - figure skating! With the elimination of the compulsory dance, the IOC introduced the team figure skating event.

In the case that you don't know what this new event is about, I shall inform you as best as I can. Nations with skaters/duo in men's singles, ladies' singles, pairs, and ice dance compete. Each member of the team perform a short program and a free skate program. They will be judged as always according the ISU system, but after they are given their score, the teams are given points between 10-6 depending on their standing in the scoreboard in their field.

I hope that explanation did justice and was understandable. Now, on to the event!

Befittingly, this is where Russia wins their first gold medal of this year's games! Before I say anything, the power of the Russian team is undeniable this year! So much talent, skill, creativity, and power! You can tell they were thriving from being in their own country. Of course I was cheering for Team Canada and you can sure bet that I was super excited any time a Canadian stepped onto the ice for their program, but Russia was lovely to watch!

I cannot do this sport justice with any description in word! It is a sport that has to be watched to be relived. But I will tell you to keep your eye specially trained on Japan's men and women skaters, the US team, team Canada, and of course team Russia. The latter three teams you will not be disappointed in whatsoever.

The return of Evgeny Plyushchenko was worth the while. After the Olympics in Vancouver, Plyushchenko has edged out of the competition scene leading up to the games. He competed a few times here and there, but he didn't make a full return... Until these games. His style and his sass in his routines are undeniably him and he is so nice to watch. And the young Yulia Lipnitskaya of Russia as well was amazing! The girl is only 15 but so good and so graceful!

I know it seems like I forgot about Canada, but the current Olympic champions in the ice dance pair - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir - were undeniably creative and strong in their choreography! Again, I cannot do anyone justice here. You have to find a clip of them somewhere to see the majesty of all the skaters in their discipline.

In the end, the power of the Russians dominated and won them 75 points to blow away the competition and to win their nation's first gold of this year's games! Coming in second was - my favourite - team Canada with 65 points! And not far behind them was team USA with 60 points.

(Image credit: sochi2014.com)

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