Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

If you aren't like me who can stay up till 2 o'clock in the morning to watch some of these events, then you haven't heard the news yet. Here is your update for the games on this Sunday morning.

The USA reeled in their second gold medal in the newly introduced women's slopestyle snowboarding event. A flawless and effortless second run by Jamie Anderson (the event's favourite to win) edged out her competition to win the gold with a score of 95.25. Enni Rukajarvi of Finland finished with a score of 92.50 to win silver and The UK's Jenny Jones took bronze with her score of 87.25. It was a messy event, but Anderson showed just how good she was today! Many weren't able to stick their landings or land their tricks, but Anderson didn't let that faze her as she made the course look like it was nothing!

Before the women took their medals, the men in the downhill alpine skiing event strapped on their skis. Austria's Matthias Mayer finished in first place with a time of 2:06.23. Just .06 of a second behind him was Italy's Christof Innerhofer for the silver. Norway's Kjetil Jansrud grabbed bronze with a time that was just .10 of a second more of Mayer's run.

Between the two events, women's hockey continued with Group B's Sweden and Japan. Japan making their first appearance since Nagano in 1998, laced up to face the Swedish giants. The two teams matched up well and Japan surprised many with how well they stood their ground, but in the end Jenni Asserholt beat the Japanese goaltender (Nana Fujimoto) with a power-play goal 12 minutes into the first period. After Sweden's win, Russia's women's team displayed that they were contenders for the gold medal with a 4-1 win over Germany.

In the women's 7.5 km biathlon sprint, Slovakia wins their first medal. Anastasiya Kuzmina crossed the finish line a whole 20 seconds ahead of her competition! Russia's Olga Vilukhina followed in second with a time of 21:26.7 and just 2 seconds behind her Ukraine's Vita Semerenko took the bronze.

Taking place over 4 hours before the women's biathlon, the men's skiathlon 15 km classic + 15 km free cross-country event started. Switzerland won their first medal of the games from Dario Cologna edging out Sweden's Marcus Hellner for the gold medal with a time of 1:08:15.4. Hellner was just .4 of a second behind Cologna! A second later, Norway's Martin Johnsrud Sundby came in to win the bronze.

While Germany's women's hockey team dropped a game to the home team, Felix Loch won a gold medal to keep his nation's spirits up in the men's single luge event. Russia won the silver in the event thanks to Albert Demchenko, just under .8 of a second ahead of the bronze medalist, Italy's Armin Zoeggler.

In the ladies' 3000m speed skating event, the Netherlands cannot be stopped! Irene Wust nabbed the gold away from the Czechs and Russians with a time of 4:00.34. Czech Republic's Martina Sabilkova came in to win silver at a time of 4:01.95 with Russia's Olga Graf rounding up the medals with a time of 4:03.47.

And in beautiful figure skating, Russia win's their first gold in the figure skating team event!! Canada won 65 points to take silver, with USA taking the bronze with 60. I will make another post about this event, since this was my favourite event of the day.

The final event to end today was the men's normal hill ski jump. The height and the distance of the sport gives me an adrenaline pump! And Poland's Kamil Stoch gave me the biggest adrenaline pump with his vast distance and height winning him the gold! Peter Prevc of Slovenia won the silver and Anders Bardal of Norway won the bronze.

(Image credits to sochi2014.com)

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