Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

If you're here in Vancouver like I am, you were disappointed with rain this morning instead of the predicted (and you took it as a promise) snow. So hopefully some of these results can cheer you up just a bit.

And if you're in B.C, I hope you are enjoying Family Day! To everyone else: I'm sorry you guys had to go in to work this morning. Unless you had the day off, then lucky you!

Anyways, let's talk about Sochi now!

I will admit, today's event I didn't really watch until speed skating and Team Canada's women's hockey team. I tried to watch curling, but I fell asleep. Don't get me wrong! I like curling! Canada's men's first match though kind of got me disappointed and thus had me falling asleep. But many other nations had reasons to celebrate early in their day.

Germany's Maria Hoefl-Riesch won her nation a second gold (and their second medal) today with a 2:36.62 finish in the women's super combined slalom. Austria's Nicole Hosp followed .4 of a second behind to win silver, and Julia Mancuso of USA came in third with a time of 2:35.15.

In the men's 12.5km biathlon pursuit, France took the gold! Martin Fourcade came in ahead of his competition in a time of 33:48.6, nearly 14 seconds ahead of the silver medalist, Ondrej Moravec of the Czech Republic. France rounded it out by winning bronze from Jean Guillaume Beatrix.

Now I would I like you to recall earlier last week the speed skating event where the Dutch dominated (and pretty much took over) the podium. Remember that? Okay, well imagine that again. The Dutch (or what I like to call the only people who can pull off orange) took over the podium again in the men's 500 m race! Michel Mulder won gold with a finish of 69.31, Jan Smeekens won silver in a time of 69.32, and Ronald Mulder (twin brother of Michel Mulder) won bronze with a time of 69.46.

The men's 1500m speed skating event, the Dutch did not win nor did they medal. But you know who did? Canada! Charles Hamelin (and I hope you remember that name from four years ago) won Canada their second gold medal coming in just .2 of a second ahead of the one skater behind him! Who was on his tail? China's Han Tianyu (family name first and then given name). Russia won the bronze thanks to Victor An and his finish of 2:15.06, which is just .07 of a second behind China's Han.

Let's talk about curling now! I cannot give you the medal results, but I can give you the results of each round in the round robin. On the men's side, China beat Denmark with a score of 7-4, Canada edged out Germany with a whooping score of 11-8, Sweden defeated the Swiss 7-5, and Russia dropped their first game to Great Britain, losing 4-7.

The women took to the ice after the men, and the sport's favourites continued to show why they are the favourites. Canada defeated China 9-2, Switzerland beat USA 7-4, Sweden defeated the UK 6-4, and Russia redeemed themselves with their ladies winning 7-4 over Denmark.

And the men took to the ice again today. Sweden continued to win - maybe after some inspiration from their female counterparts - with a 8-4 win over Great Britain. The USA dropped a game to Norway 7-4. The favourites, Canada, dropped a game to Switzerland 5-4. The Russians dropped yet another game to the Danish after eleven ends, 10-11.

Women's hockey continued today with Group A. I will make a post about Canada's game, but the other game between USA and Switzerland went very much as expected. USA crushed the Swiss women with a shutout win 9-0! Is that them sending another message to Canada to watch out? Oh, we already know.

(Image credit: sochi2014.com)


  1. Addie! So wonderful to see you blogging all things Olympics. Always a pleasure to read!

    1. Oh gosh! Lisa! How are you?? Yea, I'm back to blogging. A little bit bored, I'll admit Xb Dude! Message me on facebook! I wanna catch up with you when you have time.