Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

At the end of Day 6 of this year's Olympics, neither Canada nor Norway are on top of the medal table. Norway does have a total of twelve medals, and Canada has ten (putting us second in medal totals), but Germany has outdone us all with six of their eight medals being gold! Seventy-five percent of their medals won are golden!

And if you haven't already heard, there has been some history made in this year's games! Each year of the Olympics is another year for history to be made, records to be broken, and amazing experiences! But this year has a lot of firsts. Not only are there new events, there are actual sporting events history being made!

Read more to find out what historic sporting event took place.

You hit the jump! You really want to know! And you shall be awarded. Today, the first ever tie in the women's downhill skiing event's history happened! That's right. Two fine young ladies have finished the course in the exact same time and BOTH won GOLD! I don't care what nation they chose to represent. They are just awesome to have done that! Tina Maze of Slovenia and Dominique Gisin of Switzerland both crossed the finish line in 1:41.57 to both win gold! Switzerland's other skier, Lara Gut, took home bronze with her finish time of 1:41.67. But medals aside, two gold medals have been awarded! In this case, a tie is the best win possible!

Earlier in the competition, Team Russia took home their first gold of the games from their figure skaters (the team competition). Today, Russia took home some more hardware in the pairs figure skating event. After the short program, there was little doubt that the Russians would take this one. They performed brilliantly, and I believe that the confidence the gold medal in the team event gave them had something to do with it. The pair of Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar took the gold with a score of 236.86. Their fellow countrymen, Fedor Klimov and Ksenia Stolbova, grabbed silver with their total score of 218.68. Germany got their only bronze medal from the duo, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy and their score of 215.78

In the luge doubles event, the medals came down to tenth of a second! But in this sport, it always does. I dislike watching luge events, bobsleigh events, and skeleton events on T.V. because it does not do the sport justice! These athletes go so much faster than the cameras make you believe. My head could barely follow them as they went past me in a very long stretch. It's like watching a bigger hummingbird go by! But onto the medals! Germany won one of their many golds thanks to the duo of Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt. The Tobias's finished with a time of 1:38.93. Austria's Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger took the silver in their time, 1:39.45. Meanwhile Latvia couldn't repeat their performance in 2010, but the brother-duo of Andris and Juris Sics, took bronze with a time of 1:39.79.

Germany won yet another gold medal today in the men's nordic combined, thanks to Eric Frenzel. Akito Watabe of Japan came in second, whilst Norway's Magnus Krog came in for the bronze.

USA's Shaun White was a bit of a disappoint in this year's halfpipe, but the USA made up for that lack of a medal in the women's halfpipe! Kaitlyn Farrington came in with a score of 91.75 to win the gold, and her American counterpart, Kelly Clark won the bronze with her 90.75 score. Australia's Torah Bright took the silver with 91.50 as her score.

In the men's 1000m speed skating event, we have the Dutch and a Canadian story to tell. First the medals (which is the Dutch part). Netherland's stole the first and third spot with their skaters, Stefan Groothuis and Michel Mulder. The silver medal was awarded to Canada's very own Denny Morrison. And Morrison could not have won that medal without Gilmore Junio.

His fellow Canadian speed skater gave up his spot to let Morrison in and give Canada their best chance at winning the medal. Because "... as Canadians, we're not just here to compete; we are here to win. Denny has proven to be a consistent medal threat in the distance." - Junio. And win he did. And Morrison, selfless Canadian he is, started up on his twitter that Junio should be the flag bearer at the closing ceremonies because of this selfless act. And I for one am with him! So, if you believe that this act of Canadian-ism is so true of the Canadian spirit and just that story of inspiration that we all need, then find @Denny_Morrison on twitter, find that tweet, and re-tweet it for everyone to see! I would for one would like to see Junio be the flag bearer at the closing ceremonies.

Curling update: In the men's, USA defeated Denmark, 9-5, China snuck a rock past Switzerland to win 5-4, and Norway took a big win over Germany, 8-5. In the fifth session of the men's round robin, Great Britain came back from their bye with a 4-2 win over Switzerland, China took another win (a big one this time) - 11-7 over Germany, Denmark came back from their loss with a 8-5 win over Sweden, and Canada got back on their feet with a 7-4 win over Russia.

The women took to the ice once today for their round robin. China took a 7-4 win over USA, Sweden defeated South Korea 7-4, Japan doubled Russia with a score of 8-4, and Canada, naturally, took a 9-6 win over Great Britain.

And a hockey update! The Finns took the Swiss to the ice, and stole a 4-3 win over them. Hours later, the match-up of women's hockey took place: USA vs. Canada. A couple of the best women's hockey program in the world and a fierce rivalry! And how else would this little tale end but with Canada taking a big 3-2 win over their rivals.

The men's tournament started today with Group C! Sweden, without Henrik Sedin, still won 4-2 over the Czech Republic! The first goal came from Ottawa Senators defenceman, Erik Karlsson. A few minutes later (and a few seconds after their power play expired), Patrik Berglund (St. Louis Blues) gave them the 2-0 lead. Not even a minute into the second period, Detroit Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg gave them the big 3-0 lead! The Czech frustration started to show, and in consequence, Erik Karlsson scored his second of the game and tournament on the power play! Enough was enough, and even though they were in a hole, the Czech wouldn't go without a fight. Marek Zidlicky of the New Jersey Devils gave the Czechs their first goal, and some hope. Legendar Jaromir Jagr came in with the other goal for his team. Switzerland got a shut-out win over Latvia. The lone goal belongs to Switzerland's Simon Moser of the Nashville Predators, who scored the game winning goal with under a minute left in play of the game.

Tomorrow, Team Canada will take to the ice for their first game against Norway at 21:00 (Sochi time [+4]).

(Image credits: sochi2014.com)

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