Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

That guy's hat is just so awesome I had to post it. I would cheer this guy on just because of it.

But onto the actual sports! The USA dominated a podium, the Germans added more to their medal count, and hockey happened. Now that both the men's and women's tournament have started, the excitement for gold has truly begun!

In the men's 20 km biathlon, France won a gold in Martin Fourcade. This is his second gold of this year's Olympics, his other being in the 12.5 km biathlon. Erik Lesser of Germany got better as his distance got longer. He competed in two other biathlon events (the 10 km and the 12.5 km) and in this one, he got the silver. Russia added another medal to their count by the means of Evgeniy Garanichev and his bronze.

Ladies' 10 km cross-country classic saw Poland's Justyna Kowalczyk take the gold for her country with a time of 28:17.8. The silver medallist, Sweden's Charlotte Kalla, came in at 28:36.2 - a full 18.4 seconds behind. Norway's Therese Johaug came in 10 seconds later to win the bronze.

In the men's ski slopestyle, a premier event at this year's games, the USA took over the podium! Joss Christensen stole gold from his countrymen with his score of 95.80. Gus Kenworthy came up 2.2 points behind him for silver, and Nicholas Goepper grabbed bronze with his final score of 92.40.

Germany took home yet another gold in the luge events! In the team relay luge competition, Germany beat Russia by 1.03 seconds to win gold, while Latvia came in third with their time of 2:47.295.

In the ladies' 500 m short-track, speed skating event, China's Li Jianrou passed a major wipe out to win the gold in her time of 45.26. Italy's Arianna Fontana won the silver coming out of the wipe out at the trickiest turn of the event with her time of 51.250, and South Korea's Park Seung-Hi took bronze.

The other speed skating event, ladies' 1000 m, saw China take another gold home with them. Ms Zhang Hong out skated her Dutch competitors for the gold medal. Ireen Wust took home her second medal (a silver) while her fellow Dutch skater, Margot Boer, took her second bronze a third of a second behind Wust.

A curling update for everyone: Canada's women remain undefeated in the round robins with a 8-5 win over Denmark and Switzerland! I can see Jennifer Jones and her team with gold around their necks once again. Great Britain also took a win in their one game today against China, 8-7. Sweden took two wins today as well; one against Switzerland (9-8) and the other against Denmark (7-6). The USA defeated the Japanese 8-6, and South Korea took a win over Russia, 8-4.

The Canadian men's curling team also took a win today. 7-6 over Denmark. Great Britain matched their women's team with a 5-3 win over USA. Russia picked up a 7-6 win over the Swiss, and Sweden's men took a win too - 5-4 over Norway and their funky pants.

The men's figure skating: short program saw a couple of tumbles, some disappointment, and a few stunning (or would've been stunning) performances. Twenty-four advnce out of thirty skaters, but the most surprising to not continue, is Russia's favourite, Evgeny Plyushchenko. But it's not because he didn't skate well. I believe that man could not skate poorly if his life depended on it. No, Plyushchenko pulled his back muscle during the warm-up before he was to skate. And in all support, the crowd applauded for the magical man who was so sassy when he hit the ice. At least we all got to see him skate in the teams event.

And for the final sport of the day: ice hockey, both men and women! Group B of the women's tournament took to the ice today, and it saw Germany take a 4-0 shutout win over Japan, and Russia take a 3-1 win over Sweden.

Both Group A and B of the men's group started up today. Russia got off on the right foot with a 5-2 win over Slovenia, and the Americans took a huge 7-1 win over Slovakia! In Group B, Finland beat Austria 8-4 (big game for those who like to see goals being scored), and Canada took a 3-1 win over Norway. For more on Canada's game, read my 'Game of the Day' post.

(Image credits: sochi2014.com)

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