Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

Okay, I'm sorry for missing a post yesterday, but I got home and pretty much passed out. On the bright side: I got a good 11-hour sleep! Hurrah for good sleep!

Anyways, while I rested well, I'm pretty a lot of Canadian women competing slept really well before today's day of competition. I hope you've all heard by now, but if you haven't, hit the jump!

Let me just get this out of the way. Canada's women's hockey team is the best in the world! I speak no lies, I tell only truth, and you cannot deny it! This is their FOURTH (I repeat: FOURTH) straight Olympic gold medal! And it's over the States again! We came from behind in a 2-0 game to win 3-2 in OT! We were down for 56 minutes! That only left us 4 minutes to score at least two goals! And that Canada's women did! Less than 3 minutes apart from each other, Brianne Jenner scored the first one and then Marie-Philip Poulin tied up the game! And then Ms Poulin scored yet another 8 minutes into OT to win the game and the gold medal! WE ARE WINTER!! (In the bronze medal game, Switerland defeated Sweden 4-3 for the bronze.)

And the other good bit of news: JENNIFER JONES AND HER TEAM WIN THE GOLD MEDAL AGAIN! After not being able to bring home the gold 4 years ago in Vancouver, Jennifer Jones did it this year with a 6-3 win over Sweden! She and her team went UNDEFEATED the entire tournament and thus have become the first female team to go undefeated since its Olympic induction. She may be Canada's oldest competitor this year's games, but her age shows wisdom. I hope she doesn't leave soon. I love watching her and her team curl. Great Britain took the bronze from Switzerland with a 6-5 win.

In other pretty big news, women's figure skating rounded up today. All eyes were on the Russian skaters and Kim Yuna. Unfortunately, Kim Yuna couldn't do what she did 4 years ago, and ended up winning silver with her score 219.11. Russia's Adelina Sotnikova, at 17-years-old, stole the gold from her fellow females with her amazing score of 224.59. The bronze went to Italy's Carolina Kostner. This may be the last year we see Kim Yuna compete in the Olympics. She has stated that after 2010 she wanted to focus on becoming a member of the IOC. But she's only 23! I want to see her skate more before she focuses on that!

France took over the podium in the men's ski cross event! Jean Frederic Chapuis took the gold, Arnaud Bovolenta grabbed the silver, and Jonathan Midol tucked the bronze into his pocket for France. Good job France!

In the ladies' ski halfpipe, USA took another gold medal in Maddie Bowman. France grabbed another silver in their lady, Marie Martinod. With her score of 83.20, Japan's Ayana Onozuka took the bronze.

The final event that occurred today was the team gundersen long-hill/4x5 km cross-country nordic combined event. And in that, Norway won yet another ski-related event. Germany took home the silver, and Austria took the bronze.

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