Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

So the game are winding down, people are becoming a little more celebratory, and everything is just so much fun now! But the energy is now intense. One of (if not the) biggest events comes up in about 8.5 hours, but there are medals to be awarded this day before last!

Today was a joy. Other than medals, the figure skating gala took place. It is always a joy to watch this event! There's no pressure of medals and everyone just goes out to have fun! No one needs to be perfect but just put on a smile on their audience's face. And that they did with beautiful music, beautiful pieces, and just amazing figure skating!

On to business, the men's slalom saw two Austrians on the top of the leader board and a Norwegian in third. Mario Matt took the gold with his time of 1:41.84 and his fellow Austrian, Marcel Hirscher, took silver with a time of 1:42.12. Henrik Kristoffersen of Norway took the last medal with his time, 1:42.67.

The men's 4x7.5km biathlon relay saw the Russians take a gold medal in what's nearly the last day. They crossed the finish line after 1:12:15.9 hours of shooting and skiing. Germany followed suit for silver with their time, 1:12:19.4. Austria didn't leave this event without a medal; they took bronze with their time of 1:12:45.7.

Ladies' 30 km mass start cross-country event saw three Norwegian women take over the podium! Marit Bjoergen took the gold, Therese Johaug took the silver, and Kristin Stoermer Steira took the bronze.

The ladies and men took to the snowboarding parallel slalom event. Between the two genders, Austria took two medals, the Germans took two, Russia take one, and Slovenia take a medal. Russia really reeling in the hardware now! In the ladies' event, Austria's Julia Dujmovits took the gold, and Germany's Anke Karstens and Amelie Kober took the silver and bronze. For the men, Russia's Vic Wild took his second gold of this year's games, Slovenia's Zan Kosir grabbed a silver, and Benjamin Karl added a bronze to Austria's medal count.

For speed skating team pursuits, the men and women skated today. If you haven't watched or heard anything of it, you can sure bet the Dutch weren't left out of it! In both men's and women's team pursuit, the Netherlands took the gold medal! The men with a time of 3:37.71; the ladies with a time of 2:58.05. In the men's event, the Koreans grabbed the silver, after finishing just 3 seconds after the Dutch team. Poland followed the Koreans a second behind to snatch the bronze. Besides the Dutch women winning gold, Poland took the silver with their time of 3:05.55. Russia's ladies added to their nation's hardware count with a bronze medal.

So after their disheartening loss to Canada yesterday, the USA men's hockey team squared up against the tough Finns. And boy, they loss bad. They didn't even lose with class! I'm sorry. I don't dislike Americans (okay, I do a little...) but when you go out, go out with class and respect for yourself and your nation! Leave the tournament knowing you at least tried! Maybe you couldn't be the best, but you left with your heads held high and leaving a good game on the ice! But they couldn't even do that. The men's hockey team leave Sochi with a 5-0 shutout loss to the Teemu Selanne and his Finnish team of men! And good on Selanne! He deserves to retire from ice hockey with a medal. And they definitely deserve at least a bronze!

I hope y'all are ready for tonight's gold medal game! I am going to take a nap after this post, wake up, drink some coffee and get read for the game! Live feed/post update starting at 4 a.m. PST! Get ready! If Canada wins gold, I have the clear from the big boss to wear my Canada jersey and other Canada gear during my entire shift at the Gap in Kerrisdale tomorrow. So if you happen to be out and awake, stop by and give me a high-five!!

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