Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Update

I'm going to start this post with an apology. I know Day 9 of the Olympics have already started, but you have to cut me some slack! I'm working two jobs here and going to school! I get home late!

But thank you, my patient and lovely readers, for being patient and understanding. I appreciate it.

And now you can get your Olympic update.

Day 9's first medal event was the men's 15 km cross-country classic. After nearly 40 minutes of skiing, Sweden added two medals to their count. In first place and in the gold medal spot came Switzerland's Dario Cologna. This was his second gold medal in the cross country event; the other was in the skiathlon 15 km classic + 15 km free. Sweden saw Johan Olsson and Daniel Richardsson cross the finish line 10.3 seconds apart from each other.

A little later, the men's super combined slalom awarded their medals. Switzerland came in first again, with their skier, Sandro Viletta. Croatia got their first medal of this year's games, thanks to Ivica Kostelic. Christof Innerhofer of Italy came in third with a time of 2:45.67, which was .47 seconds behind Viletta.

The women's 15 km individual biathlon event saw Belarus win two medals! Darya Domracheva of Belarus won her second gold medal with a stellar time of 43:19.6. Switzerland kept adding to their medal count with a silver from countryman, Selina Gasparin. Belarus's other skier, Nedezhda Skardino came in for bronze with her time, 44:57.8.

In ladies' aerials, Belarus won yet another gold! Alla Tsuper (I seriously dig this girl's surname) nabbed the gold with her score of 98.01! Five points behind was silver medallist, Xu Mengtao of China. With a score of 72.12, Australia's Lydia Lassila took the bronze.

The skeleton events started yesterday with the first two heats of the women. Today, the women got their medals. Great Britain won their second medal thanks to Elizabeth Yarnold. USA came in second with Noelle Pikus-Pace, and Russia's fans cheered as they saw Elena Nikitina win the bronze.

For a quick summation of the men's figure skating event, Japan won gold from their young skater, Yuzuru Hanyu, Canada won silver with thanks to Patrick Chan (who ended up apologising to Canada for not winning gold!), and Kazakhstan's Denis Ten took bronze. I wonder how the standings would've been if Plyuschenko was in the mix...

Curling continued today with the round robins. In Canada's men's one game today, they won 10-4 over Norway. Sweden's lone game today saw their men take a 6-5 win over China. USA picked up a 8-5 win over Germany, but dropped their game against Russia, 6-7. China picked themselves up after playing the Swedes with a win over Norway, 7-5. Great Britain took an 8-6 win over Denmark, and Germany defeated the Swiss 8-7. Denmark's women's team took a 9-2 win over the USA. Great Britain took a huge 12-3 win over Japan! China's women took a huge win as well; 11-3 over South Korea. Russia doubled Switzerland, and won 6-3.

Men's ice hockey continued today as well. Group C and B were at action today, and that means Canada was in action! In Group C, the Czech Republic took a 4-2 win over Latvia, and Sweden took a 2-0 shutout win over Switzerland. Group B's Finland won their second game today - 6-1 over Norway. And Canada took a big 6-0 win over Austria!

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