The Lego Movie

On Friday, the movie about that childhood toy we all know well was released. And if you love toys and you love being a child, this is a movie for you! Yes, those two characteristics I listed would probably describe a Toy Story movie fan too, but this is different. This is a movie to make you feel special!

 The Lego Movie, first of all, just looks awesome! Being the self-proclaimed Captain of Awesomness, I can safely say that the movie's production did not disappoint. The effort that had to be put in to make each frame possible translates across the screen with quick moving pieces and quick actions. You start to wonder how many master builders were behind the scenes of this movie.

The script is a good balance for both adult and younger audiences. It's a humour both parents and children can laugh at and the movie's message to the audience isn't too hard to figure out - we are all special, spectacular, inspirational, and creative! Whether we follow the instructions or make up our own, we can make anything we want a reality from the resources around us.

I watched this movie with my nephew, sister, and brother-in-law and we all enjoyed ourselves (my nephew and I probably enjoyed ourselves the most). It's about a toy that, at any age, can enjoy! I myself still play with Lego with my boyfriend. Whether you love the toy or not, it's a movie to reach your inner child or to enjoy some fun times with your own children.

A little warning before seeing this movie: do not go to any toy stores or any store that may sell Lego for you will be tempted to stay in the place for hours playing with everything. I learned that the hard way.

I give this movie a personal 4 laughs out of 5. Whether you're with a child, your significant other, or your buddy, go with someone you can be a child with.

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