Movie Review: Maleficent

Thanks to Vancouver's Georgia Straight, I got to see the advance screening of 'Maleficent'! Now, to be honest, I wasn't really wanting to see it when the trailers were coming out and everything, but hey, a free movie is a free movie! I enjoy the movie experience!

To be warned, there is quite a few twists from the original 1959 Disney cartoon movie and many twists from the Grimm's brothers' version. If you are dedicated to any of these versions, drop them to enjoy this movie!

Disney's latest version teaches us new lessons about love and our humanistic faults. The direction and production of this movie is spectacular! Disney stopped at no limit to get the effects right for all the magic that is Maleficent. And in casting Elle Fanning as the new Princess Aurora, they have an adorable princess! She looks more like a 16-year-old than the cartoon version ever did.

Angelina Jolie does a magnificent job as the evil faerie! (Yes, I spell faerie the old way. Don't hate me.) She portrays many emotions, one of which I wasn't a fan of, but she did an excellent job otherwise. The make-up and costume crew did a great job capturing the cartoon Maleficent. But all applause must be held (well, aside from the directing and acting) to the graphics team. The magic seen would not have been possible if not for the men and women behind the keyboards and tablets putting the fine, digital details on every sparkle and flame and star!

Like they have said in the interviews, 'Maleficent' makes you see the headlining character in a new fashion and the classic story in an enchanting tale. If someone were to pay for my ticket, I would go again. After all, a girl can only afford so many movies and there are just so many good movies coming out this year!

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