Now, I have been absent from this blog since the Olympics (seems like this is an Olympic blog for me, but I wish it wasn't just that). If my readers (or any readers, new or just passing-by) have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, I'm all up for them! If you wanna get personal, you can ask me questions on my Tumblr: Adipose Despository

Also, if anyone wants my review of either Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Leave me a comment or message :)

The FIFA World Cup is starting up soon, so be ready for some good ol' football posts! Coming soon: my predictions.

So again, help a blogger out! Okay, help a bored girl who doesn't want to do the readings for her classes figure another manner in which to kill her time not studying. I'm all for education, but procrastination is a hard hurdle to jump over.

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